Grayson Vindicators


1st Day of Mirtul. 1479 DR
Location: Harrowdale

The flames slowly consumed the freeholds lodge. Old beams and giant lodge poles burned brightly, the flames climbing high into the evening sky.

Mullister Viscard stood and watched the fire, watched the flames. And reflected on the days events. They had been close to the ring once again. But it had escaped his grasp, again. As it had done so many years before. This time however it was in the hands of a group that had been his prisoners at one time. His divination’s had told him that much.

They had escaped, and eluded capture. And then somehow found a ancient portal that took them over in Cormyr. How they had stumbled upon the tunnel that took them to the Portal chambers was unknown. It had been lost to the ages, the other side obviously a dead end point. As soon as the portal had been discovered he had sent scouts through it. But there was no sign of his quarry. At this moment he had his scouts passing word to informants in all of the towns in both the Dalelands and Cormy.

Mullister had weapons and items that had been taken from those he sought when they were captured. Perfect items to use to locate their fomor owners. However all scrying attempts were failing. The ones that Mullister sought were being hidden from magical sight. Some sort of power was masking them, thwarting all attempts to scry them.

No matter, there were other ways to find people. Mullister knew where the other side of the portal emptied out at. He also knew his prey was afoot. And the closest town was easily three days ride from the portals drop off point. And even if they somehow managed to elude capture. They would be found! They had to be found. That ring was too important.

A small flickering of shadow caught Mullister’s attention.

“Youu callled Masssssterrrrr.” It Purred out of the darkness.
“Yes, you have the image of the ones I seek?” Mullister said.
“Very Good. You will find them. They have a small ring that belongs to me. You may do what you like with them. But I want you and your Kin to spread out in Cormyr and the Dalelands. I must have the ring back.” Mullister said.
“Our Priceeee?” Spoke the shadow
“Doubled if you bring the Ring back quickly. Down payment is the souls in the cage over there. Drain their life and then return my ring!” Mullister pointed to a cage of prisoners.
“Yessssss, Masterssssss”

With a crash the roof of the freehold lodge fell into the flames below. The flames leaping about the skeleton of what had been the Grayson Freehold.



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