Grayson Vindicators

Attacked in the Night

Byrnjolf Halbjorn polished off his Dwarfhead Stout in 2 gulps and slammed his mug on the table. He shouted and looked around the table at the others participating in the drinking game. Slowly, the others finished their mugs. Two of them looked like they were going to be sick. Bryn smiled at them. “It looks like I win this round,” he indicated at the two men who looked sick “and you two might want to think about not joining the next round.” Bryn let out a hearty laugh, and a few others joined in.

It was the evening of Greengrass, an extra day after Tarsahk 30 and before Mirtul 1 that celebrated the coming warm weather. Brynjolf had been on a journey, and he and his traveling companion, Bacca Yarro, had stopped by this Freehold in Harrowdale to celebrate. They were originally not planning on stopping, but Bryn insisted that Greengrass only comes once a year, and convinced Bacca to stop at the next town or Freehold to celebrate with the inhabitants. They happened by the Greyson Freehold, a small farming freehold in the Harrowdale. The men of the freehold were excited to have more people, and since Bryn had an entire bottle of Silver Wolf Spirits that he was willing to share, they let them join in the celebration.

The celebration was fantastic. Bryn, taking notice that people were loosing interest in the drinking game, got up to join in other festivities. He looked around the room. Greyson hold was mostly farmers, though many of the boys and men had swords at their sides. There was a pretty halfling girl, who was between serving drinks, dancing with other people at the party, and sharing flowers with folks. She was instructing them to throw the flowers on the ground, to encourage the deities to usher in summer. There was also a young half-elf girl who looked sturdy. Bryn guessed she was a farmer of some sort, as many of the farmers were actively speaking to her. There was a wild cat laying at her feet, and was enjoing the attention that it was getting from the children of the freehold. They animations the farmers and half elven girl made with their hands left Bryn to guess that they were talking about farming, or growing plants. One other person at the party caught Bryn’s eye as being a guest. A tall skinny elven woman with long white hair was sitting by herself. She didn’t even take a flower when offered.

Bryn walked over to his traveling companion, Bacca. Bacca was a man in his early thirties, but his hair was prematurely whitening. He was a priest of Torm, god of law, and had been traveling with Bryn for about a month, when they met up on traders road by freak accident. Bacca was speaking to some of the youths about the dangers of the roads west, as that was the direction that Bryn and he were heading. Bryn trusted Bacca to hear what they needed to know, and proceeded to join in the dancing going on with some of the Greyson girls.

“Bryn, you stand out like an orc!” Bryn heard Bacca’s booming, yet jovial voice call out to him from across the room. It was true, standing at 6 foot 9 inches, Bryn dwarfed everyone in the room. Dwarfed is a curious expression, considering Bryn was raised in Mithril Hall by his father but mostly by many dwarves.

The entire lodge burst into laughter from Bacca’s comment. Suddenly, during the laughter, a bell rang from outside, loud and clear. The laughter stopped as quickly as it started. A second bell sounded from outside. Many of the children looked frightened, but the men all stopped what they were doing. Solemn faced, they all started to head outside in an almost practiced manner. The lass that Bryn was dancing with looked fearful. “That’s the warning bell.” she exclaimed.

“Trouble?” Bryn asked looking for Bacca.

“Most likely, I can’t imagine Uncle Aldo pulling a joke on us durring Greengrass, at least not like this.” she replied. Bryn had caught sight of Bacca. Bacca was hauling Bryn’s scabbard, which contained his two handed sword, and a baldric with a backup sword and a few chackram. Bacca tossed it to Bryn, and started to mess with the buckle on his own long sword.

“You know what we have to do, right?” Bacca asked Bryn, already knowing his answer.

“I haven’t had enough to drink with these fine people, nor have I had a chance to bed any lasses,” Bryn answered, hitching his equipment to his body. “Let’s sort this mess out and be get back to this fantastic party.”

While Bacca was strapping his body-sized tower shield to his arm, Bryn noticed that none of the men had addressed the frightened women, children and elderly. It didn’t take much for him to get the attention of the crowd. “Unless given another order from one of the elder Greyson’s, stay in here, barricade the doors.”

As Bacca and Bryn left to head outside, Bryn heard that the small halfling girl began to organize the people who stayed in the lodge. Bryn smiled, the fact that someone took command made things easier.

When he got outside, he noticed that most of the men had exited the lodge, as did the elven woman he saw earlier. He also saw the half-elven farmer, and her large cat, which he noticed as a black leopard. There was just under twenty of them. He looked out at the farmland. He saw the giant bonfire that was lit shortly before they headed into the lodge. He also saw that the watch-post had been lit on fire, and was knocked over. Finally, he started to count the black, humanoid, shapes he saw. They were easily outnumbered.

In the two fires that lit the dimming sky he made out that some of the black shapes appeared to be ill-equipped soldiers. Wearing black leather and carrying short swords. However, there was one man who, Bryn guessed, was their leader. He had scale mail armor on, and carried two swords. It was this man who spoke. “Where is the ring?”

All of the men, ready to guard the freehold looked at each other, confusion on their faces. The eldest Greyson spoke up. “What is this nonsense?”

“You know what I’m talking about!” the well armed man barked, almost madly. “Hold me from the duty no longer, where is it!”

“You sir, come to my farmland, torch my watch tower, and I’m assuming killing one of my sons, and brother, and then you demand something we don’t have. That don’t sit well with…” The eldest Greyson had started to speak, but while he was attempting to talk with the other man, he interrupted.

“You have one chance to surrender, and give the ring. If I need to repeat myself, you will die.”

All the Greysons looked at each other, the same confused look on their face. The eldest began to talk again “Now see here…”

ATTACK!” the well armed man barked out before Greyson finished.

The melee broke out quickly. The all of the armed men on the Greyson side began to rush forth. Bacca looked back at Bryn and gave a sort of smile, then rushed towards the well armed man. Bryn took a moment to see where he was needed most. He made out that they had archers, but they were not firing.

As Bacca and four of the Greyson farmhands closed in on the well armed man, he quickly cut two of them down, without blinking. Bryn had seen that kind of skill from the elite guard back home.

“Bacca!” He yelled, “Get out of there!” He knew ahead of time that Bacca wouldn’t listen to him, but he hoped that he would this time. Suddenly, an archer let loose an arrow. Bryn saw one of the Greyson boys get hit by it. Without pausing to think, he grabbed one of his chackram and threw it at the archer. The archer started to knock another arrow, but the chackram splintered his bow in half, and embedded into his throat. The arrow he was holding dropped lamely to the ground as the archer grabbed at the disk lodged into his throat, dropping down.

A massive melee had broken out near the burning watch tower. Most of the Greyson boys were fighting and doing well enough, but outnumbered. Bryn saw Bacca still fighting with the well armed man, but several soldiers were coming in for a flank. Bryn drew his two-handed sword and rushed to Bacca’s aid. He charged forth and intercepted the soldiers running towards Bacca, taking one of them down. They other two were surprised at this interruption, and their attacks at Bryn were feeble, and easily parried.

Bryn heard howling and chanced a look back. He saw that the half-elven girl he thought was a farmer had pulled a scimitar out and her leopard had began to ravage one of the attackers. Bryn had to stop paying attention as he needed his head back in the game. He was taking on two attackers, after all.

The man Bacca was facing jabbed his long sword at Bacca, splintering a chuck of his tower shield and delivering a blow to his side, as Bacca’s guard falter, the man slapped him upside the head with his other blade, knocking Bacca off balance. Bacca coughed a little and tried to shake off the pain. Bryn feared for his friend.

Noticing they had gotten close to the bon-fire, Bryn threw caution to the wind. He pushed the two soldiers he was fighting back with a mighty, yet wild swing, then turned to charge the well-armed man. One of the soldiers took a swipe at Bryn as he turned, and caught his arm with his short sword. Bryn ignored the pain, and charged at the man Bacca was fighting, hoping to catch him off-guard.

His plan succeeded. The man had raised his swords for another assault on the injured Bacca, but before he could swing them, Bryn crashed into him. He practically threw the man into the bon fire, close to ten feet away with the force of his charge. “We need to get out of here, NOW!” Bryn demanded at Bacca. “That man, he is no common foot soldier. He’s seen more battles than either of us, more than my father. I’ve never seen a swordsman move like…”

Bryn didn’t finish his sentence. The man had stood up inside the fire. “That was the biggest mistake you will make in your life, BOY!” he barked. He drew a long dagger, and threw it at Bryn. It caught Bryn’s shoulder where he had already been hit.

“Let’s go!” Bacca finally relented. They turned to run, but more soldiers blocked their way. Looking back, they saw that the Greysons where very few now.

Bryn pulled the dagger out of his shoulder and dropped it. He tumbled through the guards, careful to keep his bad arm out of harms way, and put himself back between all the attackers and the lodge where all the children and elderly where. He noticed that half-elven farmer was trying to drag the elven sorceress back into the house. She had an arrow sticking out of her stomach and looked on the verge of unconsciousness.

Bacca had plowed through the other soldiers, and stood next to Bryn. Bacca’s hands glowed brightly behind his vast tower shield as he channeled the divine energies that Torm grants his priests.

Bryn’s wounds didn’t hurt as bad after being bathed in that light, and even started to close up. However, Bacca’s prayer was not strong enough to seal up all the wounds either of them had taken. But perhaps it could buy them enough time to get the innocents out.

As Bryn was thinking of a plan, two of the Greysons, the eldest and one of the elder sons were pushed towards them. Bacca, Bryn and the two Greysons were all that were left. Unless you counted the fierce farm girl and her leopard trying to get the elf to safety. They were easily outnumbered 5 to 1.

“Last chance, surrender now, and I’ll forget past transgressions.” the well-armed man spoke, wiping ash off his armor. Bryn noticed he wasn’t burnt from his time spent in the bon-fire. His armor had to be magical.

Bacca stepped forward, and asked with a defiant tone in his voice. “Will you spare the others? The children and elderly, and those who can’t fight?” Bryn stepped up next to him, mostly to show that he was in agreement.

“If you surrender now, you have my word,” the man replied. “resist me any longer, and I will make sure they all burn slowly and die horribly.” A smile flinted across his greying face.

Bacca eyed the man warily. “Your word then.” he said, with a hint of distrust in his voice. Bacca threw down his long sword, and cast off his shield.

Bryn didn’t like this, but he didn’t like the alternative either. Bryn heaved a heavy sigh, and tossed his great sword down into the ground, so it stuck up like a lightning rod. He then unbuckled his baldric and tossed his backup long sword on the ground as well as a few more chackram that hung on his belt.

The solders all pushed them out of reach of their weapons. And rounded them up. Some of the soldiers went back into the forest. They came out with many large, 10 foot long pikes and some rope. They arranged the pikes in a cage like formation, and put some of the remaining people, Bryn and Bacca included. The soldiers began to tear through everyone’s belongings and each of the houses surrounding the freehold. The eldest Greyson was holding the halfling girl in his arms while trying to comfort her, but he looked as if he was holding back tears himself.

Bryn and Bacca looked at each other with silent resolve. Both of them were soldiers, but neither of them had been in a situation like this. They both scooted around the crowd in the cage and meet with each other off in a corner of it. They began discussing what to do, drawing battle plans in the sand. Bryn looked around. He had the two eldest Greysons, the halfling girl, the half-elven farmer, the white-haird elf in with him. He assumed the others were back at the lodge.

Shortly after they were coraled into the cage, a hippogryph swooped out of the sky. A man was riding it. As soon as the soldiers noticed it, they all began to form ranks. The hippogryph landed, and a plump man jumped off of it. “WHERE IS IT?!” the plump man barked in a shrill, almost paniked voice. “WHERE IS THE RING! WHERE IS MASKULL!” He shouted.

The well armed man came hustling up from the lodge. “My lord.” he bowed.

“Ah, Maskull, deliver me good news.”

“I… uh…” Maskull was obviously caught off guard by this question. “Well, my lord, we’ve taken over this freehold, as instructed. But we have found no sign of the ring. These prisoners are ignorant of the ring’s whereabouts.”

“Why do we have prisoners?” The plump man asked. “Kill them one by one until someone remembers where the ring is.” He sneered. “Let me show you how.” He indicated the two eldest Greysons.

Two soldiers pulled one of the pikes out and hopped into the cage. They looked solemnly at the two eldest Greysons. “No trouble.” one of them exclaimed as they prodded the two eldest out of the cage. The wails of the halfling girl echoed through the night sky.

“Shut up if you know what’s good for you.” The plump man barked at the girl inside the cage, as the bars were replaced.

The two elder Greysons were placed on their knees at the feet of the plump man. The plump man reached into his robes and pulled out a sinister looking wand. The wand was jet black with a skull motif at the bottom. He pointed it at the eldest Greyson. “Tell me where the gods-damned ring is.”

“I don’t…” the eldest Greyson started, but he never got a chance to finish. The plump man flourished the wand and with a jet of blackish purple beamed out of the wand like a flash of light. It struck the eldest Greyson in the chest, and he disintegrated into ash in less than a second.

The wails and screams of the other Greyson and the halfling girl pierced the air as their patron died. “SHUT UP!” screamed the man in black, spit flying from his mouth, he pointed his wand at the next prisoner. “WHERE IS MY RING!” his scream penetrated the air and overpowered the sobs and screams. Bryn gritted his teeth. The boy didn’t even get a chance to answer when the same blackish purple beam hit in, and disintegrated him.

The halfling girls sobs got louder. The plump man barked out orders. “Bring me one of the visitors to the Greyson freehold, I bet one of them have the ring.”

The same two soldiers unearthed the pike and jumped into the cage. “No trouble.” they stated while brandishing their swords. They picked Bacca from the back of the cage, and brought him forth. Bacca and Bryn gave each other a meaningful look, both knowing there wasn’t much they could do while unarmed, and outnumbered. They both knew their best bet was to obey and hope that most of the innocents will get away. Bryn was still starting to feel a lump in his throat. Bacca and him had become good friends in the last month that they came to know each other.

Bacca was put kneeling in front of the plump wizard. “Does anyone else want to tell me where the ring is?” He asked. Bryn couldn’t take it.

WHAT RING!?” Bryn’s voice boomed through the night. “How do you know it is here? Why are you killing these people? Nobody knows what you are talking about!”

The man pointed the wand at Bacca, but turned his head to Bryn. “Shut up boy, if you know what’s good for you.” He turned to Bacca, who stared at him defiantly.

“Fine then,” Bacca said. " I go to meet Torm." The man flicked his wrist.

Nothing came out of the wand.

Bryn sighed a sign of relief. Bacca kept his defiant stare at the man. The plump man threw the wand aside and swore loudly. He turned to Maskull. “I must rest, I can prepare spells to help us get information from these people. Lead me to an area that I can rest comfortably. We will deal with this rabble in the morning.”

Maskull, the plump man, and many of the guards took off towards the lodge. The two guards who had been gathering people out of the cage looked at each other, shrugged, put Bacca back in the cage, and sat down to guard duty.

About an hour later, Bryn and Bacca finally came up with a plan. The area that the prisoners were taking the pike out to use as a door was not tied well, and they were near the forest behind the freehold. Bryn could easily take out one of the guards with the pike he removed from the ground, but what to do of the other guard. This question was answered by the half-elven farmer girl. She indicated towards her leopard and whispered “Daegus can be sneaky too, and can take out the other.”

The only downside was how to cut the ropes. However, the halfling girl had the answer to that. Eyes red with tears, she whispered to Bacca “I can help get the ropes off.” she said shakily, holding out a rat to him. “He can chew through the ropes.”

Bacca said a prayer to Torm to heal everyones wounds, allowing the elven girl to fully recover from her arrow wound.

With a plan formed, the halfling girl allowed the rat to chew the ropes. After the ropes were chewed through, Bryn waited for the next patrol, then as silent as he could, pulled the pike from the ground. He checked, and neither guard noticed. He crept up on them, the panther called Daegus on his side, raised the pike to strike…

A flash of light indicated a torch was on the way over. Bryn quickly and quietly moved back to the cage, waited for Daegus to get back in, then messily jamed the pike back in the ground. Just as he did so, a patrol rounded the corner from one of the freehold houses.

“You two should be watching the prisoners, not playing cards.” The new guard barked at the two guards who where indeed playing cards. He looked over at the captives, and the new guard began to stare at the pike behind Bryn. “Something is up here…” he mumbled as he slowly approached the cage. He drew his short sword, while staring at the pike, as if trying to figure out if it out of place or not.

Bryn waited for a few, tense moments. The guard showed no sign in relenting. It was now or never. “DAMN!” Bryn yelled, and in one motion he unearthed the pike again, and threw it at the new guard. He accidently threw it blunt end first, but he threw it with enough force the it struck the man square in the nose and Bryn heard the sickening crunch of broken bones. Suddenly, he was happy he threw the wrong end, the pike had bounced back into the cage. Bryn picked up the pike and yelled “RUN!” to everyone in the cage. Bacca was out first, but then stood a sort of guard as he helped others out.

The two guards began yelling “JAILBREAK!” but Bryn ignored them, they had to move while they had the chance.

“I’ll bring up the rear!” Bacca yelled after Bryn, let’s get a move on!" Bryn didn’t have a chance to argue. He began to run and got out in front of everyone.

“Follow me.” Bryn barked in his commanding, soldier voice. “Leave nobody behind.”

They ran into the forest. As they ran Bryn led them deep into the forest, listening for the soldiers following them. Someone cast a spell of light, but Bryn shouted “Shut the light out, it will lead them strait to us.” and the light was extinguished seconds later.

Bryn continued to lead the small crew through the forest. He knew he should go back to save the remaining, but he couldn’t unarmed.

After evading a few patrols, Bryn changed directions and lead them in a different direction. As he was running, he suddenly heard the scream of one of the girls following, followed by a quick spell. He turned to figure out what was going on. Apparently, the white haired elf had fallen down what looked to be a forgotten mine shaft. The halfling girl had muttered a spell of safety and her fall was gentle.

The white haired elf picked up a rock and cast a spell of light upon it, lighting up the bottom of the 30 foot deep cave. “There is an exit down here, if we want to chance it!” she exclaimed from the bottom. Bacca and Bryn looked at each other and seemed to decide the same thing.

“Can you cause my fall to be safe as well?” he asked the halfling girl.

She looked at him, her red face shinning with tears. “Yes, I think so.” she squeaked.

Bacca looked at her, he looked like he wanted to say more, but all that came out was “Good, I’ll take you down with me, Bryn can help lower the other girl and we can try that tunnel.”

Bacca picked up the small girl, asked if she was ready, then leaped down the hold. She uttered the spell again, and he floated gently down to the floor. Bryn layed on the ground and lowered the pike he had kept. The half-elven farmer girl climbed over him and lowered herself down on the pike. Bacca helped her down near the bottom. Bryn gave one last look around, then lowered himself down and lept to the bottom. Daegus, the leopard, half climbed and half stumbled the pit.

“Bacca, you go first, take the pike,” Bryn began to explain. “I’ll take up the rear, we don’t know where this will head, so be careful, keep your eyes peeled.” Bryn finished, somewhat unceremoniously.

Bacca lead the way down the tunnel. It looked like it had been dug out as a mine shaft. It was reinforced in some places. They trudged down it in silence. After several hours, Bryn heard a disturbance up front. He tried to see what was going on, but it was difficult. The tunnel was small and there were several people going along. Finally, he heard one of the girls say “It’s okay, they won’t harm us, leave them alone and they will leave us alone.”

They started on again, and Bryn shortly figured out what they were talking about. There were two giant rats on either side of the tunnel, gnashing their teeth at the passers by, but not attacking.

More time passed, and passed in silence. The pit in Bryn’s stomach grew. If they didn’t find an end soon, then they would have to head back, and who knows if the mysterious soldiers had found this tunnel yet. However, Bacca let out a loud “What is this?” from up front. Bryn looked up and found that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

They moved towards it, and when they came out into a large, circular, well lit room with a dais in the middle. Upon the dais was an upright ring of stone with runes carved all around it. Bryn looked at it for a minute, then recalled what it is. “I know what this is.” he said aloud, more meaning to think it than speak it. “This is a travel stone.”

“A what?” Bacca asked.

“A travel stone. It’s a… portal of some sort.” Bryn explained. “We can’t tell where it goes, but if we use it we can get out of here.”

Comprehension had dawned on Bacca. “But will we know where we will be?”

“No.” Bryn said simplistically. “But we know what is behind us. I’m willing to take the gamble.” Bryn started to step up to the stone. Bacca wasn’t sure still.

Bryn marched up to it, and the center of the circle let out a bright blue light. Bryn steadied himself to go through, not sure where he would end up. As he took a deep breath, he noticed the little halfling girl next to him. He looked down at her, and she looked up at him. He smiled, sadly at her and she at him. He nodded at her and they stepped through the blue light together.

They ended up on the side of a well traveled road with deep wagon tracks. Shortly after they appeared, the half-elven farmer appeared, followed by the white-haired elf. Finally Bacca appeared. They all looked at the sky in disbelief. It was morning.

Bacca spoke first. “We can’t rest yet, we are not sure where we are, or if we are being followed.” Everyone murmured an agreement.

Bryn spoke up about a direction first. “I’m unsure where we are, but Bacca and I were heading towards Daggerdale, which was west of where we were. I vote we go west until we find out where we are.” Nobody disagreed.

So, they headed west along the path. The half-elven farmer had strayed off the path to gather something to eat for breakfast, Daegus the leopard went with her. After about an hour on the road, Bryn stopped dead in his tracks. He could hear the hoofbeats of a horse on the trail, and the tell-tale creak of a cart being pulled. “We aren’t sure if this is friend or foe, everyone hide and I’ll handle this.” Everyone followed his instructions.

Bryn sat down on a log, and looked as if he was taking a break. Around the bend, a horse drawn cart rounded the road. Atop the cart was an elderly man, and the horse drawing the cart was an unnatural red color. Bryn waved as the old man passed, but the old man stopped the cart.

“Hail traveler!” He greeted kindly. “How fares your day?”

“Oh,” Bryn started, realizing that he was unarmed and in no way ready for a fight, “beset by brigands this morning, and recovering after a deft escape, but I’m alive, so the day is good.”

The old man looked nonplussed. “A story like this… how do I know you aren’t a brigand yourself?” His grip tighted on the reigns, and the horse looked uneasy.

“My apologies,” Byrn started “I am no brigand, and so you are not surprised, I have many of my companions hiding now, as we thought you were a bandit yourself. Come on out guys!” Bacca, the half-elven and elven girls as well as the halfling all came out of the woods on either side of the road and approached the old man.

“My my, and you all look so tired and beaten, what a night you’ve all had!” The old man looked around sympathetically.

“Aye,” Bacca said. “I uh… hesitate to ask, but where are we?”

The old man looked supprised, and slowly began talking. “Well, you are on the road between the Thunder Peaks and Eveningstar, which is where I am heading.”

“We are in Cormyr?” both Bacca and Bryn exclaimed together.

“Uh… aye, you are.” The old man said, somewhat cautiously.

“Sorry, sir, it’s been a long night.” Bryn apologized for the group.

“Sounds like quite the story! Why don’t I give you guys a ride to Eveningstar and you can tell me the story on the way!” The old man spoke, in a sudden jovial tone. With that everyone piled into the back of his wagon, which looked larger on the inside than on the out. Bryn and Bacca sat near the front.

“Everyone in? Wonderful! Forward Dominak.” The old man spoke and gave the horse a prod with his staff. The end of the staff sparked and the horse brayed, it sounded almost angry.

Bryn began telling him the story, with Bacca, the halfling and the half-elven farmer adding their own parts into the story. The old man was a great audience, gasping and awing at the right times.

“Fantastic story!” he exclaimed when Bryn got to the part where they met up with him. “I wonder what kind of ring they would kill that many people for?” The halfling girl let out a whimper. “I’m sorry about your family.” the man added solemnly.

A few moments of silence was suddenly punctuated by “What is this?” It was the halfling girl, and without warning, she pulled out a small ring. Everyone gaped at her.

“Oh! I picked this up in the lake earlier, and had completely forgotten about it.” Suddenly, the realization dawned on her. This all could have been avoided if she had remembered. She looked at it for a second, sadly. Bacca muttered something that sounded like a complaint about a wand in his face.

“Well, if they were willing to kill for it, it’s probably best they didn’t get it, isn’t’ it.” The old man stated, with a hint of wisdom. This seemed to make the halfling feel better.

Bacca sighed. “Yeah, I guess that’s right.” He said, a smile broadening across his face. “Well, we are all now kind of in this together. If Bryn will distract from his quest more, I would see this young halfling girl to safety. I have a big interest in this ring too.” Bryn nodded in agreement.

The white haired elf finally spoke up. “I am also interested to see the power of a ring that people would kill for, especially one that doesn’t detect as magical.” The half-elven farm girl nodded as well.

“Then it’s settled!” The old man exclaimed. “I’ll take you to Eveningstar, you can meet with Lady Tesseril Winter about this ring and figure out what to do. No doubt you will have pursuers, and I have a feeling this young halfling will feel much better with the company of soldiers and spellslingers like yourselves.” He added “And I’ll feel better for her too…”

“I’m Bacca, Bacca Yarro.” Bacca explained to his new traveling companions. “I server Torm on the battlefield, though I must admit I feel a bit drafty with only this poor wooden pike as a weapon.”

“I’m Kasha, and this is Deagus” the farmer piped up. “I’m a druid from the Dales, and Daegus and I are on a sort of… coming of age journey. The experience we get looking for why people would kill over a ring would be perfect in the eyes of Silvanus.”

“She’s a druid!” Bryn thought. “That explains a lot!”

“I am Clara.” The white haired elf explained. “I’ve been on a journey ever since I left the Shaeradim, but had found myself with no current goal. I think I’ve found one…” she trailed off.

“I’m Brynjolf, but most call my Bryn.” Bryn explained, stretching out in the back of the wagon. “I’ll put my current quest on hold, I couldn’t leave you guys to solve this all on your own.”

“I’m Indukala.” the halfling girl explained, but didn’t offer much more after that besides a “and you’re very tall.” to Bryn. She was just over 3 feet tall, and Bryn was exceptionally tall, taller than most humans.

Byrn smiled down at her, “And what should we call you, old timer?” he said, indicating to the driver.

“Oh, call me what you wish, old timer works just fine, but I’m afraid names just don’t mean anything to me like they use to.”

“How mysterious.” Bacca said with a hearty laugh.

“It is indeed.” the old man laughed back without explanation. “Well, it sounds like you all had a rough night, get some rest, we should be in Eveningstar in about 4 hours time, Dominak depending.” he said, giving the horse another prod.

Indukala curled up near Karsha, and layed down using Daegus as a pillow. Kasha smiled down and didn’t seem to mind much. Clara began her elven trance, a kind of elven rest that takes the place since they don’t sleep. Bacca and Bryn began going over the events of the last night, trying to figure out who their attackers where as they bumbled down the road.



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