Grayson Vindicators

Crane's Fall

12th Day of Mirtul, 1479 DR
Location: Arabel

Cloaked in Darkness 5 creatures stepped out of the shadowy forest. Standing outside the gates of the city of Arabel they hissed at one and another.

“The trail leadsss Hereeee.”
“Yess. But it splits.. One whom has touched that which we seeeksss went further that waaaaysssss.”

“The one in that direction. Old, powerfull. His scent I have felt before.”

The tallest of the dark shapes nodded for a moment. “Yess. You two go into the human town. Recover the item if it is there. Kill any that standsss in you way. We shall follow this other ones. We shall deal with his likessss.”

With a nod two of the shapes melded into the darkness of the city while the other 3 moved down the road.

A lonely house sat along the road. A stained glass Crane window projected out a faint light as Otsura sat at her study. Working in a log book she recorded the day’s events. Flipping back she looked over her notes. Details about a group of adventures who were out on a mission, and that she should be meeting them in a few days. Hopefully they had succeeded.

The Dark shapes entered the house, silent. Deadly black claws drawn the two sneaked up the stairs, following a hidden trail only they could detect.

The light coming from the stained glass Crane flickered for a moment. A shriek was heard from within the home, and then suddenly a body burst through the window. The body fell down to the dusty street in front of the house. Shards of glass from the window rained down, and the broken glass image of a crane landed just beside the body.



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