Grayson Vindicators

Grayson Freehold

24th Day of Tarsakh. 1479 DR
Location: Outside of Grayson Freehold, Harrowdale

Indukala was out doing one of the things she loved. Wandering through the thick woods that jutted up against the north side of the Freehold where she lived. She had managed to dodge working in the kitchen to escape out here itto the woods. She could spend hours exploring through the brush in search of new places and new animals to befriend.

Indukala was a young halfling who had found her way into the Grayson’s hands many years ago. Only one of her kind here, she found it more enjoyable to be out by her self as everyone still treated her as a child. Which makes some sense, as halflings are small compared to normal humans, even more so when compared to the burly Graysons of Grayson Freehold. Having been orphaned at a very young age, all she remembered of her youth was being with the Graysons. And they did treat her very well, including her into their family as a adoptive child. But there was always so much work to do out here. And while she loved working with the animals on the farmland, she kept getting stuck with kitchen chores. Boring kitchen chores.

Also things were changing in her life as she got older. The boys she used to play with were out working the farmland a lot. Also she had found she could do this trick…. Stopping for a moment Indukala concentrated. Out of now where appeared a Very Large Rat which proceeded to scurry up to her. It was last year that Indukala had learned she could summon creatures to her. She had been in the kitchen daydreaming about a Furry Rat she had seen the other day and then one popped in front of her. The rat had created all sorts of a ruckus in the kitchen. With some of the kitchen workers chasing it around with brooms. After the animal had disappeared Indukala figured it was probably best to not be summoning furry friends in the kitchen anymore.

Taking a handful of dried corn out of her pocket she held it down to the Rat who took a few kernels from her hand and started to munch happily.

Walking deeper into the woods with her pet rat, Indukala came to a stream bed she had been sailing leafs down just yesterday. As she set about gathering some leafs to race down the stream her rat went over and started digging into the cool water. Suddenly something in the water caught her eye. Something sparkling in the sunlight, something the rat had found. Moving the rat aside she saw a sparkling ring. Reaching down into the cold mountain stream she picked up her new treasure. Turning it over in her hand she thought about how pretty it looked and what a nice ring it was. And it looked like it was just the right size for her finger.

Hearing squeaking she saw her rat headed off into the woods without her. “Come back here Ratty!” She yelled chasing after her rat. The ring she dropped into one of her many pockets, forgetting about it for now as she pursued her Rat on to some new adventure.

24th Day of Tarsakh. 1479 DR
Location: Zhent controlled city of Teshwave, in Teshendale

Mullister Viscard, Skymage of the mighty Zhentarim, was not even expecting it. He had given up hope long ago of finding the new hiding place of the lost ring. The ring on his finger picked up the pulse of magic as it rippled through the room. ‘It had been found again!’ Jumping up Mullister cast a couple of spells he had memorized just in case this happened. Moving over to a map on the wall he placed his finger on it. Removing the finger he looked at the spot he had pointed to.

A forest location in Harrowdale. Odd that the ring would turn up there. But it had to be there, and he could not, would not risk loosing the ring again. He could have his agents to that location within a few days at the most. Taking a quill Mullister circled the area where he had placed his finger on the map. Forming a sending spell in his mind with the image of the Map included Mullister thought simply, “Maskull, There it is.. Do not fail me again!”

Festival of GreenGrass 1479 DR
Location: Grayson Freehold, Harrowdale

Raymon Grayson climbed up the ladder of the small lookout post. As he reached the platform he nodded to the older Grayson sitting on the bench.

“Watch duty for you again tonight Raymon?”, Aldo Grayson said? “That’s the third time this week? I would have thought you would have joined everyone else in the lodge celebrating the coming of spring? I hear we have a couple of soldiers what were traveling through here as guests tonight. I am sure they have some stories to tell.”

“Naw, Paw caught me slacking again. Said this was punishment.” Raymon looked wistfully at the lights dancing from inside the lodge. The music of pipes easily heard out at the watch tower.

“Ahh, well lad. I am glad you are here to join me. Gotta Keep watch for all sorts of nasties out here” Aldo laughed.

“Bah, It’s always quiet out here. Nothing happens not even so much as a wolf after the sheep. Heck Jaffre was caught sleeping at his post two nights ago. He caught quite a whipping for that” Remarked Raymon.

“Ha! Serves Jaffre right. But you never know when a sprite of ghost will come out of the woods. In fact I remember when 10 massive Orcs came out of the woods bent on rampage and destruction.” Laughed Aldo.

“Are you sure it was orcs? Last time you told that story I thought it was goblins. and before that warebeasts. I swear you could at least keep your tall tales straight uncle” Raymond said with a laugh. Stopping quickly he looked at his uncle. “Uncle Aldo? Whats wrong?”

Aldo did not speak. He was clutching his throat, a black feathered shaft of a arrow sticking out of it. Gurgling he started to step forward as two more black feathered shaft embedded themselves into his chest. Lurching forward Aldo fell off the platform to the ground below.

“Gods above!” Said Raymon.. "We are being attacked. He turned and moved to the bell handing on the post. Hitting it squarely with a hammer it rang out a couple of time. The bell then fell silent as Raymon pitched forward. 3 black feathered arrows sticking out from his still form.



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