Grayson Vindicators

It begins with Blood

11th of Mirtul, DR 1485
Location, City-State of Baulder’s Gate

It had been a long number of days of Travel from Athkatla, but the Grayson Vindicators at last arrive in Baulder’s Gate. A light drizzle of rain is blanketing the countryside. However in Baulder’s gate it looks as if they are preparing for some sort of festival. Brynjolf stops a passing merchant to ask what all the fuss is about. And he learns that the Beloved Duke Abdel Adrian is leading the public celebrat8ion of Returning Day, the anniversary of Balduran’s historic return to Gray Harbor. The group is directed to follow the crowd to ‘The Wide’ the city center of Upper City where everyone is gathering to listen to Duke Abdel.
In the wide, a space has been opened and a platform setup next to the Statue of the Beloved Ranger. Someone wearing a official sash is up on the platform speaking to the crowd. But the noise from the crowd drowns out whatever he is trying to say.
Moments later the throng erupts in wild cheers as an older, and surprisingly muscular man takes center stage. The ovation continues for minutes unabated. A person standing in the crowd shouts “We love you, Abdel!”

After a while the crowd quiets down and Duke Abdel Adrian speaks, he heaps praise on Balduran, founder of Baulder’s gate. And then goes on to expound on the virtues of shared opportunity. But as the Duke talks, the Bacca and Brynjolf notice a disturbance in the crowd. Multiple cloaked figures emerge from the crowd. They draw swords and turn back to the crowd. As they setup a perimeter around the stage A cloaked and hooded figure dashes onstage and strides toward Adrian, short-sword in hand.

Officials on stage scatter, and the crowd is in chaos as the thugs around the outside ring of the Stage keep everyone back. Adrian and his adversary on the stage trade blows on stage as Brynjolf and Bacca rush to fight their way on stage. Max starts to loose arrows as they notice a young female in crowd has her bow out and is shooting arrows at the thugs as well. A Large man with a Axe has cut down his opponent and is rushing to help on stage as well.
Most of the thugs are cut down, and the man who attacked the Duke is cutdown by the Axe of Vahn, a barbarian who has joined in to assist the Grayson Avengers. As the would be Assassan falls, Adrian doubles over in pain. His bones crack and his flesh tears as he morphs into a hulking. Blood-soaked, corpse-like creature. The creature tears off the head of a nearby townsman and throws it at Bacca as the group works to put down this new monstrastority.

After the creature finnaly falls the group is left standing in the middle of the blood spattered wide. Gathering themselves, the Grayson Avengers start to talk to those who had assisted them in the battle in the wide.

A young man, darkly handsome and graceful, who is dressed in a sumptuous robe steps forward and takes the hand of Brynjolf. “My name is Imbralym Skoond. My master bids me to discover who took Abdel Adrian’s life. If you wish to save Baulder’s gate from the rot festering inside it, meet me at the Three Old kegs. I will be there until four bells.” With that he turns to leave.

Another couple of citizens come up to speak to the group. Some to thank them and shake their hands for saving the day. Vhan’s eyes meet the gaze of someone who has been watching him intently. A prowerfully built man strides forward. The crowd parts as he approaches Vahn. Emblazoned on his tabard is a clenched gauntlet wreathed in fire – The symbol of the Flaming Fist.

“Greetings. I( am Ulder Ravenguard, commander of Wyrm’s Rock and – as of right now- marshal of the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company. Duke Adrian had been our marshal. The Watch was responsible for his safety here and should have protected him. We are indebted to you.”

“Please meet me at Wyrm’s Rock, where we can have a proper introduction. You could be of great service to our city. I hope you do not disprove my good appraisal of you. You’ll find I can be a valuable friend.”

As Ravenguard walks away, a dozen hard-bitten, plain clothes figures melt away from their positions, shadowing the marshal, their eyes prowling the crowd, stalls, and eaves.
As the crowd thins, Brynjolf and the rest of the Grayson Avengers decide to head to the Three Kegs to meet with Duke Silvershield. Vahn, turns to head out to Wyrm’s rock to meet with Marshal Ravenguard. The lady with the bow (known as Angelina) who had been staying in the shadows starts to follow the main group when she is stopped by a cloaked figure who motions wo her in hand signals known as a thieves chant.

The cloaked figure mutters breathily, “You are newcomers here, so you don’t know the situation. Don’t trust either of those men who spoke to you. If you want to know what is really happening in Baulder’s gate, Meet me at the gateway to Little Calimshan at dusk.” The figure then steps into the crowd and is swiftly out of sight.



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