Grayson Vindicators

Fall of Graywolf

16th Day of Mirtul, 1479 DR
Location: On the road to DaggerDale

The 3 dark shapes approached in the dead of night. Up ahead their quarry had stopped to rest for the night. The wagon parked by the road side. The Chestnut colored horse tied to a tree. The grey cloaked man sat on the ground leaning his back against a tree.

The dark shapes spread out and formed a triangle around the camp. The only one aware of their approached was the chestnut horse whose eyes shifted about nervously. A hush had settled across the camp. Not a sound was heard. No birds in the trees. No rustling of insects. No sound as the 3 dark shapes moved in upon the camp. Claws drawn, intent on the still form sleeping against the tree.


The figure at the tree leapt up. Staff in hand a Booming voice range out.. “JA-KACK-TRAAAAA”

A purple ring of energy flowed out from the staff and passed out through the camp. As it spread across the dark forms moving in, the cloaking darkness fled from their bodies.

3 Tall Gaunt humanoids stood around the camp. Black leathery skin covered their bodies. Behind pointed ears a large curved horn rises out of the skull in which two red eyes sit. Long black claws adorn each hand and foot. One of the creatures face breaks into a jagged toothy grin.

“Ahh, I wondered if we would descend upon yousss unaware.” It hissed.

The now standing grey cloaked man brought his staff to bear on the lead monsters. “Tanar’ri, Leave my camp if you value your cursed lives!” As if on command the 3 creatures charged across the ground.

One of the demons stumbled and fell as it hits an energy barrier. Lightning crackles across its body as it screams in dying pain. Faster than what should be possible, the man moves. “IN-KAAAALL-RATA” The man shouts with his staff pointed in the direction of one intruder. A gout of flame belches forth from the staff engulfing the demon. Screaming the monster grabs its face as the skin burns away.

The final demon closes and rakes its claws across the man’s side. Claws coming away bloody. The monster then tries to strike a second time. The man deflects the strike with his staff and mutters the words of another spell. “Tra-Bigby-Tra-Grak”

A Large imposing hand stops between the demon and the man. Grapping the demon it hoists it into the air. The man reaches out with his fist as starts to tighten his grasp.

“It’sss……… Toooooo….. Late…” Gasps the demon, as the hand starts to crush it. “I……. Have…… Called. For help….” The creature gasps. Looking up a red comet streaks down from the heavens towards the camp site.

With a crash the comet strikes the wagon. Splinters of wood, and debris fly around camp and strike close to the grey robbed man. Standing up from the ruins of the wagon is a massive beast. The head of some sort of Beast glares down. Shaped like the cross between a Bull and a bear, two long curved horns come out on either site. Large powerful bat like wings spread out around the body. Lurid flames dance over the creature’s skin. In one massive clawed hand the creature bears a sword that looks sharp enough to cut even to the soul. In the other a long whip is coiled with tongues of fire.

“I see you have met one of my minions.” The beast says, voice sounding like fire burning though skin.

The wizard calmly tightens his grip. The floating hand crushes down upon the demon in hit. With a scream and a squelch. The demon is crushed. The floating hand disappears as the mangled form drops to the ground. “Yes we met.” Responds the man.

“Ahh. Graywolf, tell me. Have the Celestials forgiven you of your treachery yet? Or do they still put a price on your head?”

“What brings you to my camp tonight Xer’ Antrai? And why do you send your filth after me?”

The Balor’s eyes narrow. “You know what we seek. But Ao’s law says you are not allowed to interfere. Why do you continue? You will be punished for this. Again.”

“I have no idea what you speak of Xer’ Antrai. I was just passing through this place before you destroyed my wagon.” Graywolf says to the Balor.

Chuckling the Balor responds “Hello again Dominak. I am glad you found better uses for this imp than I did. Very well shall we go through this again?” The demon raises his sword as the flames start to flare on the whip.

“Let’s….” says Graywolf. As he steps towards the Tanar’ri Lord, rings of blue and red start to form around him.



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