Brynjolf Halbjorn


Race – Human?
Level and Class – 3 – Fighter (2) / Rogue (1)
Background – Bounty Hunter
Languages Spoken – Common, Elven, Dwarven, Abyssal, Draconic, Celestial, Giant
Proficiency Bonus – +2

Max HP – 29
Hit Dice
1d6+Level (x1)
1d10+Level (x2)

Strength – 19 (+4)
Dexterity – 18 (+4)
Constitution – 17 (+3)
Intelligence – 16 (+3)
Wisdom – 17 (+3)
Charisma – 14 (+2)

Great Sword – 2d6
+6 to Hit (+4 Strength, +2 Proficiency)
+4 to Damage (+4 Strength)

Long Sword – 1d8
+6 to Hit (+4 Strength, +2 Proficiency)
+4 to Damage (+4 Strength)

Hand Axes – 1d6
+6 to Hit (+4 Strength, +2 Proficiency)
+4 to Damage (+4 Strength)
Range – 20/60

Armor Class – 15 (+1 Leather, +4 Dexterity)
Armor Class without Armor – 14 (+4 Dexterity)
Strength Saving Throw – +6 (+4 Strength, +2 Proficiency)
Dexterity Saving Throw – +6 (+4 Strength, +2 Proficiency)
Constitution Saving Throw – +5 (+3 Constitution, +2 Proficiency)
Intelligence Saving Throw – +3 (+3 Intelligence)
Wisdom Saving Throw – +3 (+3 Wisdom)
Charisma Saving Throw – +2 (+2 Charisma)

Perception – +10 (+5 Expertise, +2 Proficiency, +3 Wisdom)
Search – +5 (+2 Proficiency, +3 Intelligence)
Stealth – +6 (+2 Proficiency, +4 Dexterity)
Athletics – +11 (+5 Expertise, +2 Proficiency, +4 Strength)
Acrobatics – +11 (+5 Expertise, +2 Proficiency, +4 Dexterity)
Sleight of Hand – +6 (+2 Proficiency, +4 Dexterity)
Insight – +10 (+5 Expertise, +2 Proficiency, +3 Wisdom)
Deception – +4 (+2 Proficiency, +2 Charisma)
History – +5 (+2 Proficiency, +3 Intelligence)

While in civilized areas, Brynjolf can find information about fugitives and the bounty on their heads. He also can easily secure the legal authority to hunt down and capture, or kill, those fugitives. Sometimes, authorities will seek Bryn out.

+1 to all stats
Medium Size
30 Foot Speed

Class Features
Great Weapon Fighter (Fighter Level 1) – Deal damage equal to Strength Modifier on a miss.

Second Wind (Fighter Level 1) – Gain 1d6+Fighter Level in temporary HP. Must rest (short or long) before using again.

Action Surge (Fighter Level 2) – Once per turn, take another action. Must rest (short or long) before using again.

Sneak Attack (Rogue Level 1) – Deal 1d6 extra damage when the enemy is caught off guard, or there is another ally within reach.

Expertise (Rogue Level 1) – Gain a +5 bonus to 4 skills. Bryn chose Perception, Insight, Athletics, and Acrobatics.

Perception (Background)
Search (Background)
Stealth (Background)
Athletics (Fighter)
History (Fighter, traded Tools: Land Mounts)
Acrobatics (Rogue)
Sleight of Hand (Rogue)
Insight (Rogue)
Deception (Rogue)

Land Mounts (Background)
Thieve’s Tools (Rogue)

Common (Race)
Dwarven (Race)
Elven (Background)
Abyssal (Background)
Draconic (Intelligence)
Celestial (Intelligence)
Giant (Intelligence)

All Armor (Fighter)
All Shields (Fighter)

Simple Weapons (Fighter)
Martial Weapons (Fighter)

Saving Throws
Strength (Fighter)
Constitution (Fighter)
Dexterity (Rogue)

Great Sword (Equipped)
Leather Armor (Equipped)
Hand Axes (3)
Silk Rope (50 Feet)
Trail Rations (10 Days)
Thieve’s Tools
Healers Kit
Mess Kit
Tinder Box
Torches (10)
Water Skin
Hemp Rope (50 Feet)
Gaming Set
Steel Mirror
Oil (2 Flasks)
Iron Spike (10)


Brynjolf is unaware of his true parentage. He was told by his father that his mother was a simple tavern wench, but that isn’t true.

Bryn grew up in the Mithral Hall, where he worked hard to train to be an elite soldier. However, due to his inexperience, he was not allowed to join the elite guard, despite proving himself over and over again.

He had plans to journey North, and gain experience in the Spine of the World, but the night before he left his childhood friend Haleen was kidnapped out of the Hall. The only clue he had was the fact that the kidnapper had muttered “Daggerdale”

Bryn began his journey to save her. He ran out of gold shortly into the journey, and had to go around the Anauroch Desert guarding caravans to keep moving.

Shortly into his journey, he met Bacca Yarro in a battlefield that he was trying to negotiate safe passage for a caravan. After assisting Bacca, he joined Bryn, being fed up with the choices of the higher ups in the military. Bacca thought that traveling with Bryn would allow him to do more good, and spread the word of Torm.

Bacca and Bryn happened to be in the Greyson Freehold on Greengrass, and were held hostage and escaped during the Greyson Freehold Massacre. During their escape, they took a portal which took them to Cormyr, along with one of the freehold girls, and a few other escapees.

On the road to Eveningstar, Bacca and Bryn met Greywolf. He was able to identify a ring that the Freehold girl was carrying as one of the Rings of Power. He suggested that the people who attacked the Freehold were probably after the ring. He suggested they learn more about the rings in Eveningstar. They found two more rings in Eveningstar, but they were safe in a temple. They met up with Max, and have been traveling with him since.

They had a few more adventures, but lost many of their companions, who felt that either they had enough adventuring, or were done chasing Greywolf.

Bryn’s quest to find Haleen ground to a halt one day. He had found her, but she attacked him, as a vampire. Max was able to scare her off. Bryn wanted to find her, but they had to leave Dagger Dale before he could finish. Besides, he wasn’t sure he could stop his companions from slaying an evil creature like a vampire, and wasn’t sure he could stop her himself. He does wish to finish this chapter of his story, but knows that right now he needs to focus on the rings of power, thus he chased Greywolf from Dagger Dale over to Baldur’s Gate.

Since the night of the Greyson Freehold Massacre, Bryn has had the same reoccurring dream every night. In his dream, he sees a young woman, and a man who looks like his father. The woman is crying, but Brynjolf can’t make much out of what she is saying. Although he has now had the same dream every night for 3 years, he doesn’t speak about it often.

Brynjolf is drawn to good works. He can’t put his finger on it, but when people are in trouble, he can’t help himself. This leads to some weird, and often confusing moral codes for Bryn. For example, he is a glib liar, but has never, and will never lie to those he considers companions. He is an expert thief, but will not steal from people who need what he would steal, and doesn’t trick his friends. Bryn knows how to pick locks, and disable traps, but he would never pick the lock of a lived-in home, nor would he use traps against foes unless it be last resort. Bacca and Max are also good people, and have a large influence on Bryn’s actions. Since he grew up mostly in military, they are among his first real friends, and are dear to him.

Bryn is 6 foot 9 inches tall, and weighs in at a lean 200 lbs. His size has many people think he is a simpleton, but this is not true. Brynjolf loves books, and studies a lot. His pack is generally weighed down with books, and he reads often on the trails. Despite his size, Bryn has impressive agility, and has been known to employ stealth far better than others who would be seen as more suited. Bryn is quick to notice things out of the corner of his eye, things that are out of place, or attitudes of people around him. He is also an impressive athlete and acrobat.

Bryn isn’t without downsides. His strange moral code has him overcomplicate situations where the answer would otherwise be easy. His size is both an asset and a curse, as it sometimes makes him seem more intimidating than he means to be, but also that he isn’t as smart as he really is. Bryn also takes small jabs at those who he doesn’t like, it is almost habitual, and he feels he has to have the last laugh. This has gotten the Greyson Vindicators in trouble several times, when it could have been easily avoided.

Bryn enjoys ales, beers, wines and other liquors. He loves them so much that he’s started his own book on all the alcohol in the realms that he runs into. He has compiled it from other books, and his own experiences. Bryn has been drinking so much that he is all but immune to alcohol’s adverse affects. Growing up on dwarven drinks will do that. Despite the goodness in his heart, he has a weakness for women too, and beds woman every chance he gets. This has also caused problems for the trio, as Bryn has bedded married women more than once, once again highlighting his odd moral code.

At the end of the day, Bryn sleeps better when he does good work. He hates to ride on others coat tails, and is happy to be traveling with those like-minded. Now, if they could only stop chasing the shadow known to them as “Greywolf”…

Brynjolf Halbjorn

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