Grayson Vindicators


11th of Mirtul, DR 1485
Location, City-State of Baulder’s Gate

The Grayson Avengers traveled to the Three Old Kegs Inn, a very prestige class Inn in upper city. There Imbralym Skoond showed them a good time. With food and drink aplenty. After Imbralym took the Avengers to the home of Duke Torlin Silvershield. Duke Silvershield explains to the group that he needs to bring justice to those who would strike at a venerated hero like Duke Abdel Adrian. He suspects that the Guild, a group of thieves and rogues, is involved and he needs the party to act as his instruments and to investigate the Guild and root out their operatives. When the group aggress he gives them papers of Writ of seizure for three targets within Baulder’s gate. He also tells them that they are welcome to stay at Three Old Kegs as his personal guests. That their expenses will be covered by himself.

Meanwhile Vhan has found his way over to Wyrm’s Crossing. Marshal Ravenguard explains to Vhan that Baldur’s Gate is growing unchecked beyond the walls. A breeding ground for a criminal cabal called the Guild. That the guild is the current greatest enemy of baulder’s gate. And how he is upset that a guild assassin could attack the Duke in broad daylight like he did. He offer’s Vhan a position in the Flaming Fist if he is willing to work to put a end to the threats to the city.

Also in Little Calimshan Angelina has met with the Head of the Guild. Someone by the name of Rilsa Rael. She has explained to Angelina that the city is rotten. From the Nobility in upper city to the Flaming Fist and merchants of Lower City. Outer city stands on it’s own. Rael wants Angelina to warn a friend of hers at the Low Lantern about a incoming raid from the flaming Fist. And also asks that Angelina robs a crooked tax collector named Nant Thangol.



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