Grayson Vindicators

Dark Omens

19th Day of Mirtul, DR 1479
Location: Castle Dawnspire

The man sat writing in his Journal behind a ancient Oaken desk.
’it should be noted that the species of…" A knock at the door to the castles study caused him to stop writing.

“You may enter.” He commands

The door opens and a young blond lady enters. “Master I am sorry to disturb you. You called for me?”

“Ahh, Haleen, Yes I did. Tell me my dear, do you still long for that childhood friend of yours? That one you cared for in Mithril Hall?”

“Oh Yes Master, I think of him daily.” The girl replies.

“I see.. Well then, you should know my spies have located him in the company of others. It seems they are headed to a small town close to here. If you would like, perhaps you should travel out there and speak with him. You should bring him into our service. While he seems to be a simple oaf, he could never-less be inspired to be your Champion Knight.”

“Really? Do you think he would still want to protect me? Even with how I am now?” The girl exclaims.

“Oh my dear. Once you have pressed upon the importance of who we are. And saw to his shift to our ranks. I am certain he would be a great addition and a Noble Protector for you.”

“Yes Master! I shall leave this very night to his speak with him” She says.

“Very well, Oh and beware of his companions. You need to get him away from them before you speak to this one. I sense danger amongst their ranks. And it would not be wise to talk to the group as a whole.”
The man closes his journal. And almost as a after thought he says to the girl.
“Also make sure you are back before first Light.”

“Yes Master” With that the girl turns and rushes through the door.

As the door closes the man opens a drawer in the desk. He brings forth a bowl filled with a reddish liquid. Speaking some low mumbled words his hands wave over the bowl and the image of the girl appears in it. She is currently at her room gathering her traveling cloak and preparing to depart castle DawnSpire.



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