Grayson Vindicators

In Search of Graywolf

10th of Ches, DR 1485
Location, Amn, city of Athkatla

5 Years had passed since the events of the Dagger Dale.
5 years since Brynjolf had encountered Haleen.
5 years since Graywolf had disappeared.
5 long years.
Most of the Grayson Vindicators had broken away and left for their own pursuits.

In DR 1480 Indukala Silvermoon had settled down in Shaowdale after the events in Daggerdale. Wanting to care for the Black Tressym that Graywolf had given her. She dedicated her home as a sanctuary for the creatures. It is said she picked up a few more of the tressym and is working to bring the animals to more of the realms, much to the chagrin of the local farmers.

Kasha the Half-Elven Gunslinger moved on in DR 1481 to search out new areas of adventure. It was said that her travels would take her to Ravens Bluff, adventure and fame awaited.

Clara Morningstar the elf decided that she had seen engouth adventure in DR 1482 when the group had to fight their way out of a Trolls nest. Wishing to continue her studies in magic she returned to Evermeet.

And so the last 3 members of the Grayson Avengers found themselves in Amn in DR 1483. The trails had run cold, the ring mostly forgotten in Bacca’s bag. Haleen lost, and Graywolf gone, probably dead. Bacca spent time checking in the local library, looking for clues or leads to the ring. None were forth coming. Max Spent his time at the Temples in Prayer, looking for answers to the future, or perhaps looking for absolution to events of the past. Brynjolf spent his time between doing odd jobs, and getting into disagreements in the local taverns. The loss of the fellowship seemed to bother him most of all.

In the early part of DR 1485 while the snows still fell on the countryside, when the days were the shortest and times seemed the darkest a lead was found The coin was close to spent and Bacca was looking for something new. Anything that might pay.

Imp2.jpg In the late hours Bacca sat in the Library studying a tome by candle light. As Bacca turned the page he felt a presence behind him. A small red Imp hopped up on the desk. “How are you doing brother?” The Imp said. Bacca’s eyes narrowed. “Devil, I am not your brother.” Bacca said darkly. The Imp smiled “Ahh, yes you are. Thanks to your father your family and mine are tied. But that’s a story for another day. At the end of all of this you will have a choice to make. And I want to be there to watch the outcome my Brother. But for now, some of the answers you seek can be found in Baulder’s gate.” Bacca returned “And what answers do you think I am looking for? What would a creature like you have for me, and why would I accept your aid?” The Imp opened up a wide grin “Because O’ brother of mine. I am compelled to assist you, The one who controls me, is also the one whom you seek. The first clue to finding him can be found in Baulder’s gate, it was picked up by nobility. The way to the second will be pointed to by the Harp.” With a Laugh the Imp disappeared. As Bacca sat in the light of the candle he heard the Imp’s voice call out from the darkness. “Don’t die on me Brother, I want to see the end of this, You alone are a wild card. You will disrupt the plans of one of my two masters that Oppose each other. And I want to see which one you choose” With that the candle went out and Bacca found himself in darkness.



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